The Heat-Wave Towel
Wave Your Towels....Like A Heat-Wave!

  The Heat-WaveTowel was created in Miami in 2009, in the same city that gives us the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins and The U, Home of the Miami Hurricanes. The Heat-Wave Towel is every sports fan's dream and the worst enemy of the opposing team.

When fans are live at a game, there is nothing better to have in hand than a Heat-Wave Towel. The Heat-Wave Towel transforms HEAT onto the opposing team and their fans (and you know that the opposition can't stand the HEAT). When rallying your team with The Heat-Wave Towel, you must Believe that your team will do great things and have great success................and surely, believing...........GREAT THINGS WILL COME!

The extra bonus is, due to our products name (The Heat-Wave Towel) if you live here in Miami and you're a Miami Heat fan, you get the opportunity to work your Heat-Wave Towel live at the games, WOW! Get your towel before the season starts, why not order 2 or 3? Just imagine this, while you're at the game working your Heat-Wave Towel (even watching the game on television) screaming and cheering your Miami Heat on, the DJ throws you a Rally / Motivational music, he plays parts of the song "Love Is Like A Heat-Wave"  by Motown's own, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas! Wow! Now There's A Party and a Victory! A Party for the fans and a Victory for the team! 

"Hey, Let's Make It Hot!"


If you're a Miami Heat Fan and live outside the state of Florida, no problem. Get your Heat-Wave Towel and cheer the team on regardless of where you are! New York, Cali, Boston, Ohio, Atlanta, East Coast, West Coast, "We Honestly Don't Care". We accept the fact that "A Fan Is A Fan......... Where Ever You Are".  Just Get The Towel And Cheer Your Team On!  



The Word Is Out..........The Heat-Wave Towel Is Burning Across The Country.... Just Like A Heat Wave!

The Heat-Wave Towel
Orig.: $10.99
Sale: $8.99
The Heat-Wave Towel
Orig.: $12.99
Sale: $10.99

The Heat-Wave Towels are currently only available in white. Why? In basketball white is a very bright, brilliant and distracting color, great for breaking a players concentration while at the foul line, trying to hit from a corner or shooting a three pointer. If you happen to be at the game or on the street, restaurant or the mall and you happen to see one of your favorite players, The Heat-Wave Towel is great for autographs, Nice, Bright and White! so keep your pen handy, when you have your Heat-Wave Towel with you, there's no telling who you might meet!