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 Thank you for visiting True Fan Sports. Our products make great support tools for all sport fans regardless of sport or level. Our Rally Towels are made of high quality materials and are moderately priced. Our products are loved and enjoyed by fans and athletes of all sports and levels which include Pop Warner sports, High School, College and Professional. 

We truly believe that through sports and similar entertainment this world will and has become a much better place to live. Don't forget, sports are supposed to be fun times for us all, whether we are fans or the participating athletes, so let's keep it that way. There is no room for violence in sports, whether you're a fan, athlete or the upset parent of a Pop Warner player who believes his or her son or daughter should be in a starting position instead of on the bench, for this, the parent wants to fight the coach! Our Mission is to help keep this very important thought before everyone who we come into contact with. Also, we want to supply sports fans with some of the best and most innovative fan tools possible, because we know that the fans have serious work to do!

Let's Keep It Real..............Let The Players Play, And Let's Just Cheer Them On!


What's in the name "True Fan?" .......... Plenty. Everybody talks about being their favorite teams Number 1 fan. Well my friends, we have news for you, there is no such thing as a Number 1 fan, and that's a fact! There are millions of sports fans across the country, they can't all be Number 1.

Now, let's talk about the True Fan, there are definately and easily millions of True Fans across the country. "True Fans" are very realistic and do exist. Go to our Home page and read the definition of True Fan, on your way out, share your thoughts with us, shoot us an email, we respond to them all!


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                                  True Fan Towels Gives Quiet Fans Good Reason To Get Busy And Get Real Noisey!


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